A Canadian Arts + Design Shop

Specializing in Handmade Goods

Our Watered Grass is committed to providing high-quality goods. 

Proudly a POC, women-owned business in Toronto, Canada.

We carry a variety of products from small businesses that are focused on empowering women with handmade goods and their communities.



Owner of Our Watered Grass

This business is everything I love all rolled into one eclectic space. This company has been 10 years in the making for me. From an idea to a company, we've been in business since April 2020.


We got our starts in the middle of a pandemic in a little 400 sq ft. studio apartment with the generous support (and patience) of my loved ones.

My love of all things artistic has built up my many interests and as you can see, my many passions.

I love stationery, travelling and everything art. You'll find me all over the internet (@officialmithika), doing lots of different things! Never be afraid to say hello!




Fun Fact: This is an illustration of the very first wood burning I ever created in 2017!